what's next

A solid plan will define a vision for the future that can inspire hope and confidence, and, as such, be a forceful tool for generating growth and support for carrying it out.

Our focus is pragmatic and client-centered. Arete applies experience, intelligence, and artfulness, together with best practice research, in identifying options for excellence. We do not just put out fires.

Arete is keenly aware of the importance of buy-in for implementing recommendations. We make a point of planning and carrying out consultation processes to keep essential constituents involved.

Arete's reputation for unmatched analytical rigor, careful listening and careful strategic thinking, developed over more than two decades, gives us exceptional credibility in evaluating programs and pointing the way forward.

Here are some examples of how Arete gets results:

The New York Public Library: Taming the Digital Divide
Learning Leaders: Proving the Effectiveness of Parent Volunteering
Reducing Overcrowding in New York City Schools
Revamping the New York City Board of Education Budget
On-Line Master's Degree Program
Redistricting of Community School Districts in New York City
Impacts of Budget Cuts on Social Services in New York City
Budget for NYC Board of Education Central Headquarters
Inter-Agency Collaboration
National Voter Registration Study
Public Access to School Buildings
Educational Evaluation