clients and projects

Here is a list of clients and projects. You can learn more about some of these at What's Next? and Results.

Administration for Children's Services, NYC: Statistical analysis of child care need factors and demographics in all New York City neighborhoods.

Agenda for Children Tomorrow (ACT): Assistance on multiple projects related to ACT's network of centers in 5 New York City neighborhoods.

Annenberg Arts: Evaluation of programs in PS 315 and PS 205, Brooklyn, integrating arts in learning.

APBDRF (Adult Polyglucosin Body Disease Research Foundation), New York City: Board development, budget development, and mentoring key personnel.

Archdiocese of New York: Evaluation and planning for Library Connections in inner-city parochial schools (multi-year, 1999-2008).

Baltimore Hebrew University: Strategic plan (with UAI)

Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation: Evaluation of effectiveness of their computer training program.

Berean Community and Family Life Center: Business plan for starting a restaurant. The Berean CFLC, a nonprofit promoting health and wellness in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, is an offshoot of the Berean Baptist Church.

Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York, in conjunction with Experiment in Congregational Education and Leadership Institute for Congregational School Education: Administered and analyzed survey on Jewish congregational education in the New York region (with Bloom Associates).

Breakthrough New York: Evaluation of year-round enrichment program for highly motivated middle school students with limited educational opportunities.

Brown University: Development and dissemination in connection with bilingual programming.

Creative Arts Team, City University of New York: Developed evaluation framework and designed evaluation instruments for Applied Theatre programs that use theatre as a medium to promote social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

City of Yonkers: Analysis of Yonkers Board of Education Budget.

City Project: "Downsizing 110 Livingston Street: The Budget for the Central Headquarters of the NYC Board of Education." (See Publications) (more...)

City Project: "Memorandum to the New Chancellor." White paper analysis of proposed reforms for the NYC school system. (See Publications)

City University of New York: Evaluation of multi-campus Teacher Academy designed to improve math and science education through research and teacher training.

Citywide Council on High Schools: Planning and preparation of final report. (See Publications)

College of Staten Island/Discovery Institute: Multi-year evaluation of programs designed to invigorate K-12 teaching through curriculum development workshops for veteran teachers and recruitment, training, and hands-on experience for future teachers.

College of Staten Island/Discovery Institute: Development of comprehensive relational database.

Commission on Jewish Continuity, Cleveland: Evaluation of 10 programs in Cleveland, with UAI.

Community School District 10, Bronx: Analyses of school building utilization patterns, opportunities for alleviating overcrowding, and rezoning of schools in the city's largest school district. (more...)

Community School Districts 10 and 11, Bronx: Development of home-zoning plans toward better integration of special education students.

Community Service Society: CSS provided seed money and subsequent sponsorship of Arete policy studies.

Community Technology Centers, which provide computer training to inner city communities in Harlem, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Washington Heights. Evaluations.

Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum: Planning and development of tracking system. Multi-year evaluation of design programs, 2006-2012.

Council of Supervisors and Administrators/Executive Leadership Institute: Business plan for professional development organization for school leaders.

Council on Initiatives in Jewish Education (now Mandel Foundation): Planning national initiative in community education, with UAI.

Creative Arts Team, City University of New York: Developed evaluation framework and designed evaluation instruments for Applied Theatre programs that use theatre as a medium to promote social, emotional, and intellectual growth.

Cross City Campaign, Chicago: Comparisons of major urban school systems.

Department of Employment, NYC: Coordinating professional collaboration to address challenges to job creation in the NYC-area food industry.

Department of Youth Services and Fund for the City of New York: "SPACEMAX: Opening Schools to the Community;" analysis of community use of public buildings. (See Publications) (more...)

Donors Choose: Consulting on evaluation issues.

Early Steps, NYC: Analyzed enrollments and developed tracking system for program to help minority children enroll in private schools.

Earn and Learn: Designed evaluation instruments for cash rewards and mentoring program that aims to improve academic performance, responsibility, and life skills in school children.

East Side House Settlement: Data collection and tracking system for ongoing program management and evaluation.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History: Multi-year evaluation of programs, 2005-2012.

Harlem Renaissance Community Technology Center: Evaluation of the effectiveness of their computer training program, now run by the New York Urban League.

Harmony Program, City University of New York: Designed evaluation materials for program in which college music students teach instrumental music to economically disadvantaged public school children.

Hebrew Free Loan Society: Market analysis of proposed interest-free loan program for single-parent families in the New York area.

Hispanics in Philanthropy: Evaluation of Funders' Collaborative for Strong Latino Communities.

Hispanics in Philanthropy: Separate analyses of Funders' Collaborative effectiveness in each of the following regions:

  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts/Rhode Island
  • North Carolina
  • Southern California

"I Have A Dream" Foundation (IHAD): Evaluation of projects of this transnational enterprise that offers mentoring and financial support to disadvantaged students.

"I Have A Dream" Foundation - New York Metro Area : Evaluation and data collection system for New York chapter of national foundation.

"I Have A Dream" Foundation - New York Metro Area : Business plan.

Interface : Numerous policy studies, e.g., Federal funding of education, Federal Block Grants, Vocational Education, Special Services for Children, the NYC Youth Board's Budget and Contract Services, Voter Registration and Turnout.

JCC of Greater Coney Island: Review of management structure and personnel issues of senior centers.

Kean University: Strategic advice and planning for new Computer Science program in connection with NSF grant.

Learning Leaders (formerly School Volunteer Program): Evaluation of the nation's largest program of parent involvement in education. Major study of impacts of parent involvement on children, families, and schools. (See Publications) (more...)

Lion Television: Evaluation of pilot HD Lab high school American history project based on Lion's popular PBS show History Detectives.

Literacy Assistance Center: Feasibility study to assess national marketing of client's literacy database system.

Literacy Assistance Center: Dr. Meier served as Interim Executive Director for agency, 2012.

Manhattan Youth: Various, including business plan for organization and ongoing consulting to Executive Director of Downtown Community Center that provides sports and cultural activities to Lower Manhattan families, as well as summer camp, afterschool, childcare, and academic programs.

Mayor of the City of New York: Education Agenda, policy analysis.

MetroWest Federation, New Jersey: Planning and start-up of continuity commission, with UAI.

MicroSociety: Evaluation of Micro programs in 18 Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration schools located in 9 states.

Mount Vernon City School District: Study of capacity, utilization, and demographics in Mount Vernon Public Schools.

MOUSE: Evaluation of "Help Desk" program in schools.

New Visions: Detailed analysis of facilities, utilization, and other factors in Bronx public schools, in preparation for siting and planning the openings of approximately 30 new small high schools in the Bronx.

New York Blood Center: Statistical analysis and presentation of findings on human resource issues.

New York City Board of Education: "Analysis of the Feasibility of Revision of Community School District Boundaries."

New York City Board of Education: Functional analysis of 40 divisions and offices of central administration -- blueprint for staff reductions.

New York City Housing Authority: Monitor election processess, mediate disputes for NYCHA Tenant Associations.

New York City Housing Authority: Deveoped and ran leadership training for Resident Association officers.

The New York Public Library: Evaluation of "Click on" program providing free computer training, as central library decentralized this program to its 85-branch public libraries. (more...)

New York University, Community Service Society: "Winners & Losers: Impacts of Budget Cuts on Social Services and on Community Districts in New York City, 1993-1996," supported by 9 foundations. (See Publications) (more...)

New York University and Teachers College Columbia University: Evaluation of programs designed to strengthen the quality and retention of novice teachers in high need New York City public schools.

Olivetti Office USA: Analysis of logistics operations of office machine manufacturing and marketing company.

Operation Exodus: Evaluation of faith-based afterschool, summer, mentoring, and tutoring program for underserved school children in upper Manhattan.

Park Homeless Outreach Project: Evaluation of pilot for NY Community Trust, with UAI.

Partnership for Teacher Excellence: Evaluation of $15 million partnership between the NYC Department of Education, the City University of New York, and New York University.

Pratt Institute for Art and Design: Evaluation and Planning.

READ (Reading Excellence and Discovery Foundation): Framework for expanding core program through nationwide affiliates and development of program handbook, licensing agreement, fee schedules, and other materials to govern affiliations and for program replication.

Redistricting Commission: Directed and staffed Redistricting Advisory Study Group on redistricting community school districts in New York City. (see Publications) (more...)

Replications Inc.: Evaluation of organization that establishes new public schools in NYC by replicating high performing ones.

School System Reform in New York City: Guide to the Costikyan proposals.

Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning, Temple Emanu-El: Planned launch of new adult educational program for major New York congregation.

St. Raymond's Community Outreach Center, Parkchester, Bronx: Strategic planning for new community center.

Stamford Public Schools, Connecticut: Management audit of district bilingual/ESL programs.

Stamford Public Schools: Redistricting of school system, utilizing sophisticated mapping/GIS systems.

Stevens Institute of Technology: Business plan for online Master's degree program and proposal for "Internet 2," VBMS. (more...)

Stevens Institute of Technology: Facilitated development of research agenda for computer science department faculty.

Student Sponsor Partners: Evaluation of organization's underprivileged student placement and mentoring program.

Studio In A School: Evaluation of partnership with NYC Department of Education to foster art, literacy, and parental involvement.

Temple Emanu-El, Skirball Center for Adult Jewish Learning: Planned launch of new adult educational program for major New York congregation.

TLC @ the Armory (now Charles B. Rangel Technology & Learning Center): Evaluation of the effectiveness of their computer training program.

UJA/Federation of NY: Planning for service needs of Southern Brooklyn, with largest concentration of Russian immigrants in U.S., while also addressing financial and management issues in two key agencies.

United Way of New York City: Strategic Alliance Fund (SAF):Four-year evaluation of a funders' collaborative that supported 50+ nonprofit partnerships to address budget cutbacks. (See Publications) (more...)

United Way of New York City: "Voices from the Field," recommendations for programs and funding for child care based on focus groups and assessment of childcare issues. (See Publications)

United Way of New York City: Overhaul of grant allocations.

Worldstudio Foundation: Evaluation of Kellogg Foundation scholarship, mentoring, and internship program where students created "philanthropic superhero" comic book stories for publication.

Yeshiva and Baltimore Hebrew Universities: Strategic Plans, with UAI.

Youth Counseling League: Strategic Plan for mental health agency, with UAI.

Earlier Clients and Projects


New York City Board of Education: Senior Consultant on numerous evaluations. (more...)


Academy for Educational Development: Planning Northeast Regional Center.

East Harlem Block Schools: Strategic Planning.

Governor's Commission on Higher Education in Connecticut: Deputy Director.

New York City Board of Education: Revamped budget request process, 1984, 1985, 1986. (more...)

Ohio State University: Program Development

Policy Studies

American Association of Higher Education: Study of telecommunications, and remote learning.

Citizens Budget Commission: Employment and training for financial industry in NYC.

Educational Priorities Panel: Various studies of state aid, federal funding, budget and organization of the NY State Department of Education.

Funders for Voter Registration: Evaluation of 12 organizations engaged in non-partisan voter registration for ad hoc national coalition of foundations and funders. (more...)

NYC Youth Board (now Department of Youth and Community Development): Several comprehensive reviews of budget, management, and contract procedures.

Special Services for Children, NYC Human Resources Administration (now Administration for Children's Services): Comprehensive review of preventative services and contract system.


A.J. Heschel School

Bank Street College of Education

Educational Resources Group: Preventing Dropouts, School-Community Collaboration.

Flushing Hospital

Malcolm-King College


Project Hope