the arete advantage

Arete (Greek): Pursuit of excellence, top of the mountain

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Founded in 1991, Arete offers clients an orchestrated blend of skills and talents. We define and measure outcomes, spot opportunities, and develop pragmatic and compelling strategies which can make the crucial difference between a derailed program and one with a new vision and new life.

Arete Consulting helps untangle complex problems for:

Nonprofit Agencies Corporations
Government Private Foundations
School Systems Grant-Makers
Colleges and Universities  

No firm looks harder at the dots, nor helps a client connect those dots into a big picture more astutely. Our clients have come to rely on Arete's unique breadth of knowledge, depth of experience, and holistic "view from 80,000 feet."

We are exceptional at synchronizing quantitative and qualitative data to give you depth as well as nuance.

Led by Dr. James Meier, Arete draws upon top practitioners from many disciplines, whose excellent academic training is seasoned by real-world experience, sharp analytical ability, and creativity. In addition, Arete selects team members for their interpersonal sensitivity, insight and versatility.

We identify key issues and opportunities quickly and cost-effectively, then work closely with clients to develop solutions tailored to the clients' missions and concerns.

Arete makes its clients look good, while at the same time honestly illuminating their strengths and weaknesses. This is a rare talent.